Thursday, May 29, 2008


Quest had two weeks ago some pain turning/shaking his head. from one day to the other he was stiff in his upper back. something between his shoulders hurt him. but then two days later he was completely fine again.
the vet thinks there are still some traveling quills in his body and they cached a nerve. but he also thinks the body sooner or later will absorb the quills. hopefully!

knock on wood!


Connie M. said...

Wow--porcupine quills on a dog's face can't feel very nice!!! I've reallly enjoyed looking at all your photos from rig races and seeing all the different styles of rigs, but other than the OUTLAW rig, I have no idea what the others are in spite of my online searches. I would love to find out what is used by the following people who appear in your photos: Christina Eagle, Marc, Sara Vanderwood, Ed Clifford. I don't know if you even know them personally. Can you help me, please? I am looking for an affordable rig. There has to be one in the USA somewhere. Feel free to pass on my email to them. I am a member of the Gateway Sled Dog Club ( in St. Louis, Missouri where we seldom have snow and really need rigs. Thanks. Connie at