Wednesday, December 26, 2007

canicross with 4 dogs and a sled :-)

Yesterday morning we went out again to the Devils Den for a fast 13miler.
We had warm temperatures and a bit of rain the other night so the trail had some icy spots and frozen overflows. Overall it is still a very good trail with a 1foot base or so.
I decided to simulate a race like training. Means I pulled out my "Icebug" sneakers with the studs and wore my running close.
so fare I trained like that the dogs could go their own pace I didn't forced or interrupt when ever they decided to mark or poop on the trail.
Not so yesterday, race means pooping and peeing on the go. No still stand allowed, most of the time I encouraged them to lop, not to trot. Also and especially on the hills. So far I let them pull my self standing on the sled on the hills no help, no pedaling sometimes we hardly moved but I didn’t help.

Yesterday I hopped from the sled every time the pace was slower than 12km/h or so.

All the time on the sled I wear a skijor/bikejor/canicross belt and hook my self up to the sled. That way I maybe get dragged but never loose the team. I wouldn’t do that with an 8 or 10 dog team ;-)

So it looks like canicross with 4 dogs and a sled between us. Of course I can do that only on the hills, otherwise they are to fast. And I assume and hope with a 6 dog team you do not have to run at all. (we plan to have two more dogs next year)

Here some pictures of the conditions from yesterday morning

Saturday, December 22, 2007

first longer run on snow

had a 21km run incl. a 5km tiring trailbraking (on purpose to get it in their head) at the Devils Den this morning, after that I took Luc and Kaillou out for another 5km quick skijoring just for fun and to give them the idea of whats to come in the next weeks. thats the plan for the remaining weeks befor the races, 10-20miles all together with the sled and after that 5-8 miles skijoring or pulka with the two Sepps.

This video is from yesterday early morning, we did a 14km run. The light was just enough to take that clip. It finally looks like Christmas, doesn't it?

and here some Pictures how it looked like, when I drove home and passed the Merrymeeting Lake.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

almost perfect

are the conditions at the "devils den" trail right now.
they must have groomed last night and when I came early morning today there was a nicely 4m wide hard packed trail. not all of the side trails are groomed yet but it is good enough to do a 8-9 mile fast trainings session. I put new QCR-runners on yesterday and we were just flying.
The dogs and I enjoyed it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hardcore Training 12-16-07

meanwhile we received almost as much snow as we had the whole winter last year.

Sunday morning we had another 8-10" fresh, more heavyer snow at -13°C.

Plan is plan so we trained in that stuff. the trails are still ungroomed and our own track from the day before was gone of course so it was a serious 17km training for the dogs. but that should be enough with the muscle build up training. Now we need some long and slow runs to get the distance and time on trail in the head and mind.

the good thing is that kaillou keeps up with the other three even he lacks several weeks of training. And it is not that he floats.

hope the snowmobile club starts grooming in the next days.
However, next run is Wednesday night.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

sled training 12-08-07

this footage is from last Saturday morning.
I started right out of the kennel. the first 500m are on the trail I cut last summer, you will see there are still some trees in my way :)
it was a nice, short run, still not perfect.

we had some rain and ice over the week and just now received another 5" snow on top of an 5" packed. the forcast says 10" more on Sunday. that should make nice runs over the weekend at the devels den. hope to finaly get some mileages in. for the coming two weeks it is important to increase the distance on snow to at least 12miles every trainings session, otherwise I can forget all the longer skijoring/ pulka races this season. because of the porcupine story we are 6 weeks behind the trainings schedule.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

12-06-2007 our first run in the snow this season!

got up at 4am in the morning today. we have 10-12" snow since Monday.
AND Kaillou is back on bord finally !
So I decided to do a short run (3miles)on our backyard trails up and down the blueberry - hills . good idea - bad idea. they dragged me right behind the kennel for appr. 50' :)
Of course the dogs were extremly excited. and of course there is no packed stuff yet to cramp in the snowhook but it was so much fun. It was a pretty good workout (for the dogs) with the mat down and plowing through the snow :)
the trail is tight and winding and the brunches of trees are full with snow so that they hang almost to the ground. it kicked me off the sled twice :) but since I lost the team two years ago on my very first attempt on a sled I always wear the skijoring belt and hook my self up to the handlebar. that way Im getting dragged but I do not loose the team anymore. with four dogs that is still duable.
It was a real nice adrenaline shot in the morning and the best thing:

Kaillou is fine and can run again!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

eager to go

in typical Sepp manner - Luc is ready to go. He screams and jumps in the shoot.
That was Saturday early morning.

and as you can see, there are just three dogs - Kaillou is still limping.
Not sure if his limping is related to quills (they still com out of the nose) or if he has something else.