Wednesday, December 27, 2006

ride on top of Mt. Caverly

I went up to Mt. Caverly the other day.
It was a cold and sunny day and so were the views:

Lake Winnipesaukee

Merrymeeting Lake

rattle snake island

uphill was ok but downhill with this two maniacs was almost a nightmare

my new pride and joy

a Specialized EPIC Marathon Carbon, here with studed tires.

It is simply a dream to ride this beautiful bike. And because of the disc brakes and the studded tires I have so much more control over the dogs that I feel absolute comfortable to hook up three of the them and go out of those sometimes icy trails.

rooty trail

looks nice - or :).
Approx. 0.5miles uphill with an elevation of 250ft. thats one of the easiest uphill trails around the devils den.
especially if yo discover a gate on the end of that rooty trail with a sign "private road". :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

New trail - Devils Den

Here are some pictures of a newly discovered trail system 15 min from our house.

over all you can do 12-15 miles without doing a loop twice. and that does not include the side trails I see all the time

The NHMA sponsored some nice sled dog signs which I nailed at the four entrances.

Click on the titel on top of that post to see the whole gallery.

Monday, November 27, 2006

to much energy

Die beiden Puppies Luc und Kaillou haben noch viel zu viel Energie. Selbst nach einem schnellem und gutem Trainingslauf von 6km. Klickt an den Titel um mehr zu sehen.

Luc mit seinen 9 Monaten macht sich immer besser, er faengt langsam an zu ziehen und kann inzwischen auch das Tempo von Kaillou und Quest mitgehen, dann allerdings mehr oder weniger im freien Lauf, weil die "Grossen" sind auch dann noch schneller als er, sebst wenn die ziehen.
Das Gute so weit ist, dass er sich nicht so leicht wie Kaillou von freilaufenden Hunden ablenken laesst.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

2 dog bikejoring in Pineland, Maine 2006

The video shows the start end the end of the 2 dog bikejoring day two at the downeast championship in Pineland, Maine in 2006.
Both dogs are Seppala Siberian Huskies, 8 months and 2years.

Watch the crash after 1:40 minutes or so.

Two or three curves after that needle pin curve I had a very nice pace and both of the puppies loped very fast and smooth. I came out of a curve and right there on the left Jean stood there and had a tangle or something else with her dog. I was on the right side but my dogs cut the curve in the inside so they came out on the left – and run full speed in to her dog. It was may be 20 ft behind the curve. I haven’t seen it because I concentrated on pedaling in and out of the curve. So we crashed, the dogs fought, growled and so on. The seat on the bike was turned. Shi…happens.
The only bad thing here is that a puppy should have just positive experiences in its first races and he was the one who was growled at and tangled and dragged by the other dog. But it looks like he is strong minded at least as of know. I have to watch him carefully in the next races.
Over all it was a very nice weekend!

Dryland in Pineland, Me 2006

Dryland race Pineland , ME 11/05/2006

Training Bikejoring 10/23/2005

bikejoring with my lead dog Quest (the white one) and Kaillou (at that time one year old)
You can see early in the video that Quest isn't full running, he still suffered from a surgery in his right shoulder.
Sorry there is no sound in this video.