Wednesday, December 27, 2006

ride on top of Mt. Caverly

I went up to Mt. Caverly the other day.
It was a cold and sunny day and so were the views:

Lake Winnipesaukee

Merrymeeting Lake

rattle snake island

uphill was ok but downhill with this two maniacs was almost a nightmare

my new pride and joy

a Specialized EPIC Marathon Carbon, here with studed tires.

It is simply a dream to ride this beautiful bike. And because of the disc brakes and the studded tires I have so much more control over the dogs that I feel absolute comfortable to hook up three of the them and go out of those sometimes icy trails.

rooty trail

looks nice - or :).
Approx. 0.5miles uphill with an elevation of 250ft. thats one of the easiest uphill trails around the devils den.
especially if yo discover a gate on the end of that rooty trail with a sign "private road". :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

New trail - Devils Den

Here are some pictures of a newly discovered trail system 15 min from our house.

over all you can do 12-15 miles without doing a loop twice. and that does not include the side trails I see all the time

The NHMA sponsored some nice sled dog signs which I nailed at the four entrances.

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