Saturday, December 22, 2007

first longer run on snow

had a 21km run incl. a 5km tiring trailbraking (on purpose to get it in their head) at the Devils Den this morning, after that I took Luc and Kaillou out for another 5km quick skijoring just for fun and to give them the idea of whats to come in the next weeks. thats the plan for the remaining weeks befor the races, 10-20miles all together with the sled and after that 5-8 miles skijoring or pulka with the two Sepps.

This video is from yesterday early morning, we did a 14km run. The light was just enough to take that clip. It finally looks like Christmas, doesn't it?

and here some Pictures how it looked like, when I drove home and passed the Merrymeeting Lake.


Majchy said...

How beautiful! I wish we had a half of snow as you have. :D
I just love to see huskies how they enjoy in snow. :)

Merry Christmas! ***

rpf said...

Merry Christmas to you too Maja
and to everyone out there.