Monday, December 17, 2007

Hardcore Training 12-16-07

meanwhile we received almost as much snow as we had the whole winter last year.

Sunday morning we had another 8-10" fresh, more heavyer snow at -13°C.

Plan is plan so we trained in that stuff. the trails are still ungroomed and our own track from the day before was gone of course so it was a serious 17km training for the dogs. but that should be enough with the muscle build up training. Now we need some long and slow runs to get the distance and time on trail in the head and mind.

the good thing is that kaillou keeps up with the other three even he lacks several weeks of training. And it is not that he floats.

hope the snowmobile club starts grooming in the next days.
However, next run is Wednesday night.


Majchy said...

Waaaw, I love your huskies! And I love your training. :D

I have only one Siberian husky. Were are you from? You have a looot of snow! That is just great.

Greetings from Slovenia,

rpf said...

Hi Maja,

Thanks for your comment.
I'm original from East-Germany. 4 years ago we moved here to New Hampshire, USA; see the link "rpf photos".
yeah, we have a ton of snow already. first time so early in those 4 years. looks like global warming takes a break in this part of the wood. :)
the old timer say that was actually normal 30 years ago.

anyway the dogs love the snow as I do.