Tuesday, February 27, 2007

2007 Mannsville, NY 10.7 miles Mini-Middistance

it was a great location in Mannsville, upstate NY, nice trails 4-6' packed snow, nice people, I definitely come back next year. our first pulka race ever and it work just fine.

I raced with the Luc and Kaillou and as usual Kaillou acts still like a puppy even he is already two years old. For what reason ever, he doesnt like to pass or to be passed. so he starts to bend over to the other team and likes to "greet" or if we passed an other team he looks back for the next 5min and waits for the other team.
After passing and repassing in the first three miles with Erin (the other Pulka racer) I had enough and worked my self up the pulka poles to him and told him it's enough now, no more - I bit him in his nose. that worked - next passing worked just fine we passed like a MIG27. hope he got it now. :)
Luc with his 12 month is doing what I expect from him he leads us the whole time, picks up the the speed after an hill, doesn't mind if there is another team or something else etc. maybe he really has something from his father in his genes.
It took us 1:15 for 10,7miles thats not great but ok for the first real pulka race. My goal will be to reach that speed in the comming years as an average including breaks for 30 -60 miles .

some more pics here