Tuesday, March 10, 2009

skijoring pictures from Purity Springs, NH

We went to the NESDC Purity Springs "Sled dog classic" last weekend.
Since I myself still can't stay on the skies I had to attempt the 4 dog sportsman class. More of that and some videos I will post within the next days.

The temperatures were springlike in the 50's F (10-13°C), but a 2+feet hard packed, well groomed trail and a very dedicated crew made it possible.
I took only pictures of the skijoring class but they had all classes from 1 dog Junior up to the open class.

On Saturday early morning the trail was still somewhat icy but doable for most of the skijorers.

Here some of the pictures:

Dillon's flying dogs :)

Sadie Therriault, second place over all.

Fran Plaisted

Johnn Molburg,
what you doing with that tounge, Johnn?

Jim Blair

Don Tibideau

Betsy McGettigan

Jim again

Kelley McGrath

Ed Clifford

Elaine Stasney

More of the pictures I took you can find here