Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sunday, January 13.

last week it was pretty warm with some rain.
I couldn't train at all because the trails, even there is still more than 1foot of snow, were hard and icy. nothing for sledding or skiing or training with the rig.
actually during the intense trainings/ racing season I try to run the dogs at least every three days so that they stay max. for two days in the kennel.
1 week without running and these guys getting nuts and starting to run in the kennel like maniacs.
so I finally changed the tires on my bike to the studded nokian 300 and trained at least Luc and Kaillou on Sunday morning on our back roads.
parts of those dirt roads were completely covered with a sheet of black ice. I never could do that with normal tires.
But the real challenge on our back roads are the free running dogs especially if I run with Kaillou.
this time we encountered 7 of those. not the big ones are tough to come by but these small "fiffies"; so it was a good "ON BY" - yelling - trainings session.

That paved road ends up there. everything else is dirt road, hard packed sand/gravel.
otherwise I would dress the dogs with booties.


Kathryn and Ari said...

We commiserate! Yesterday started off promising enough with some sloppy, wet snow, but soon turned to rain and once again wiped out our trails. Thanks to your encouragement and great advice, however, we bought a harness and skijoring belt: we even managed to get a few quick skis in this past week before the latest thaw arrived. (I posted a summary on our blog). Danke shon: We really appreciate your site and expertise!

Kathryn and Ari

Majchy and Živa said...

Wow, such a nice photos! I love to see the photos of dogs enjoying at running. :P

Have fun. :)

jojo roxx said...

I can relate to the free range dogs,and mushing pups that want to sniff or worse yet fight! It is very frustrating! I notice you are using a skijor belt. How is that on the bike in terms of control? I have only bikejored, but I am absolutely taken with all things dogpowered. I affix the line to the frame of my bike.Awesome pics!

rpf said...

I tried a couple of years ago the to attach the leash directly to the bike but didn't like it. For me the skijoring belt works the best. I feel every move the dogs do much faster. in the corners you actually can swing further out of the curve whilst the dogs already cut the corner. I also do not like that my bike gets dragged if something happens. you also can quickly hope off the bike and grapp the leash and hold the dogs back from what ever they like to reach. I also do that canicross thing so I'm used to having the dogs connected to myself. this time I didnt take the pics ;-),a big thank to Christa who walked out of the road in early Sunday morning.

Henley18 said...

Have only just started skijoring this year and now thinking about dryland-found the site and links fun to look at. Interested in finding more out about where you can find dryland rigs and also when the Pineland event usually is. I live about 10 miles away.

rpf said...

Pineland is usually the first weekend in November; you have to check the DESDC website for the exact date.
If you skijor you maybe also run with your dog – Canicross. There will be a Canicross event as part of the “Pineland Trail Challenge” in May. They officially have a 5k for Canicross but allow also participating at the 25/50k with your dog. There are two posts regarding that event here on the blog.
There are many links for the dryland equipment:

Give me a mail ( and I can email you more information.