Thursday, November 16, 2006

2 dog bikejoring in Pineland, Maine 2006

The video shows the start end the end of the 2 dog bikejoring day two at the downeast championship in Pineland, Maine in 2006.
Both dogs are Seppala Siberian Huskies, 8 months and 2years.

Watch the crash after 1:40 minutes or so.

Two or three curves after that needle pin curve I had a very nice pace and both of the puppies loped very fast and smooth. I came out of a curve and right there on the left Jean stood there and had a tangle or something else with her dog. I was on the right side but my dogs cut the curve in the inside so they came out on the left – and run full speed in to her dog. It was may be 20 ft behind the curve. I haven’t seen it because I concentrated on pedaling in and out of the curve. So we crashed, the dogs fought, growled and so on. The seat on the bike was turned. Shi…happens.
The only bad thing here is that a puppy should have just positive experiences in its first races and he was the one who was growled at and tangled and dragged by the other dog. But it looks like he is strong minded at least as of know. I have to watch him carefully in the next races.
Over all it was a very nice weekend!